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"A Coach in Every Business"

Together we will complete a powerful Business Plan. This will include the following business areas; not only giving you a solid road map for success, but also a tool to increase your business value, to capture buyers, but also give you confidence to expand and capture all the new opportunities. You can use it to raise capital and apply for grants.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Business at a Glance
  3. Analysis (Industry, Customers, Competitors)
  4. Marketing Plan
  5. Sales Plan
  6. Operations Plan
  7. Financial Plan
    1. Revenue & Profit Highlights
    2. Projected Overheads
    3. Funding Requirements
    4. Exit Strategy
    5. Projected Profit & Loss (5 Years)
    6. Projected Balance Sheet (5 Years)
    7. Annualised CashFlow (5 Years)
    8. Marginal Cash Analysis (5 Years)
  8. Appendix Information
  9. Your Business Alignment

A Professionally Guided, step by step through the planning process and along the way gain valuable exposure to some of the latest business models and thinking. Have the opportunity to share ideas and strategize with your Business Coach.

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Cloud Based Business Planning

Receive online access to your own Business Planning and Business Modelling Tool where you construct the core components of your business plan and align your thoughts, business direction and ultimate outcomes.

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Succinct Business Plan

You will receive, within 7 days from the end of your interactive planning sessions, a copy of your Business Plan which you have specifically developed for your business, including Strategies for Improvement, Financial Projections, and other key areas expected in a Professional Business Plan.

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Financial Projections

Summary Income Statement for 5 years, Summary Balance Sheet for 5 years and Annualized Cash Flow for 5 years. Capital Purchases, Financial Cash needs for the business and Future Lending Requirements.

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Getting It Right

You will receive a PDF print of your Plan. As well, you may access your Cloud Based Business planning System for the your entire time your in our membership community.

Cloud Based Business Planning

VALUED $1050.00

Receive online access to your own Business Planning and Business Modelling Tool for 1 year or the lifetime that you remain in a program

IBISWorld Industry Report

VALUED $997.00

Expert Industry Research You Can Trust for your industry.

6 steps to a better business

Mastery "Creating a COMMERCIAL Enterprise"

The first stage of growing any business is about making sure it delivers it's products or services profitably, productively and with enough information to make great decisions. It's about building a foundation before engaging in an effort to acquire new business. It's about the owner taking back 'control' of the business and removing any chaos.

Niche "Creating a Commercial, PROFITABLE Enterprise"

WNiche is all about Marketing. At this step you define your uniqueness and guarantee, articulating the value of your productor service, getting and keeping customers and moving them towards higher loyalty levels making them 'Raving Fans'.

Leverage "Creating a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that WORKS"

Leverage is about implementing systems and controlling the effects of Supply and Demand, ensuring quality and increasing profitability. At this step, you Leverage finances, systems, people and your marketing.

Team - "Creating a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that Works, WITHOUT YOU"

During this step, you work on developing an amazing team. T.E.A.M. means Together Everyone Achieves More'. Everyone is in the right position, doing the right things at the right time.

Synergy "Freedom"

At this step, everyone is in the right position, even a General Manager, doing the right things at the right time, in 'massive amounts'. You, as the business owner, are spending your time working solely on strategic issues and your income is largely passive coming from the business. You have the freedom to explore new business opportunities and begin to think about exiting the business or diversifying or duplicating the business.

Results - "Invest Your Time and Money"

Now you can turn over the operations to others and be free to become a full-time investor, investing in businesses, real estate or other opportunities. You may even decide to become a coach as many of our other Members have done.

Our 7-Point Business Plan Guarantee
  1. We Guarantee a system and methodology designed create the highest quality 1 business plan and that will increase YOUR profits
  2. We Guarantee you get the desired results and objective of your business plan
  3. We Guarantee to tell you the truth about your business no matter how uncomfortable it is
  4. We Guarantee you a business re-education and a transfer of our knowledge. You will be 100% understanding of your plan and how to implement it
  5. We Guarantee you complete confidentiality always
  6. We Guarantee a personalized approach to YOUR business plan
  7. We guarantee you our experience is unmatched, and you will be 100% Satisfied with YOUR plan
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At Avid ActionCOACH, we are committed to your success. Our team of experts brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that you receive the best guidance and support. Let's work together to bring your business vision to life.