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Our mission is to become the largest business growth community in the world, inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to reach their full potential through a culture of continuous improvement and a belief in everyone. We recognize that growth and success are not one-time events but instead the result of daily, incremental progress guided by the principles of kaizen – the constant pursuit of improvement.

Why Choose Us


Choosing Avid ActionCOACH means opting for proven results. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve honed our methods to offer the best in business growth strategies.


Our clients, ranging from startups to established enterprises, consistently achieve their business objectives, thanks to our tailored approaches.


Moreover, our global presence is felt across various locations, including Kamloops, Coquitlam, Langley, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and Williams Lake.

Why Choose Us

Empowering Businesses to Reach Their Full Potential

At Avid ActionCOACH, we are dedicated to empowering businesses to reach unparalleled heights. Our expertise lies in four core areas that are pivotal for any business aiming for sustainable growth. First, our Strategic Planning services ensure that your business navigates its future with precision, offering tailored strategies that align seamlessly with your vision. Next, our Business Skills Training provides hands-on workshops and seminars, ensuring your team is equipped with the skills to excel in real-world scenarios. Understanding your business’s strengths and areas for improvement is crucial, and our Business Evaluations offer comprehensive assessments, providing data-driven insights that guide your growth strategy. Lastly, our personalized Business Coaching ensures that business leaders and teams unlock their full potential, offering actionable strategies to achieve goals faster.

What makes our ActionCOACH Business Coaches unique from those who call themselves Management Consultants?

Our Uniqueness is:

The market is full of people calling themselves coaches. Many, however are consultants, who specialize in one area or industry and create dependence by doing everything for you OR life coaches who focus on you but do not provide any business knowledge and growth. ActionCOACH Business Coaching is unique because:

  • We work with business owners on all areas that impact their business success…from Time, Team, Money, Sales & Marketing, Personal Development and more important Freedom in and away your business. Because small businesses typically have opportunities in all areas, focusing on ONLY on one can do more harm if a strong foundation is not in place. Our 6-step approach ensures the foundation is strong so growth is profitable and sustainable.
  • We are teachers and mentors who transfer knowledge and support with implementation so owners develop the skills, knowledge and systems to improve their current business and any future business venture.
  • We provide business owners with focus and prioritization…clearly defined goals, strategies, tactics (and tools) …so time is spent on what is truly important to your success.
  • We hold you accountable to your success…we’re someone who will demand a profit, demand results, push you, cajole you and hopefully congratulate you on a job well done.
  • We provide an outsider’s view…someone who can see the forest for the trees, who is not blinded by the industry and too many years in your business.

Based on this and a discussion with a PR Guru…to find a way to educate people on the difference (without slamming consultants or other ‘advisors) …here is the analogy we came up with…

When seeking advice, business leaders have many options today, be it consultants, lawyers, accountants or bankers. These individuals come in at a time of specific need, provide advice and leave it up to you to implement. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone look at the bigger picture? AND be there to guide you through the process; being a constant pillar of support?

Enter the Business Coach. Like a doctor analyzing a patient, the coach will help the business owner look at his or her business, make diagnoses, and stay alongside for the “treatment”. Often times a problem in one area of the business could be a symptom of something bigger that prevents a business from achieving its potential. In these situations, amongst others, a business coach works with you to develop recommendations and implement changes in your business and your life. Our goal is to Increase Your Time working ‘On’ The Business, Decrease Your Time working ‘In” the business and Increase your Time away from the Business.


Raj Dhillon

SFG Streiling Financial Group


Darrick has experience in many fields that’s why he makes an amazing coach. He’s always willing to help others better themselves. Thank you for everything you do Darrick!!

Jake Birkeland

Strength Camp BC


It takes an ActionCOACH to take massive and effective Action on your dreams, turn your dreams into reality and accelerate your business with the proper steps to long term success! The coaches are great people and highly skilled, great environment.

Khalid Alenezi

Kamloops B.C.


Amazing and valuable experience comes from a professional sales manager who’s been in the field for more than two decades. Well Done Mr Darrick Boyes

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